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As Decking Timber Specialists we offer whatever is best for you, your situation and your budget. Softwood, Hardwood or eco-friendly composite decking!
Call us, the Decking Timber and Outdoor living specialists for Christchurch, Canterbury – we are happy to help!

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Pine if always a firm favorite as its good quality and affordable. But, being a soft wood, it is prone to split. With time, pine’s natural yellow appearance fades to a soft silver. To improve the look and longevity of the deck we recommend staining to protect it from harsh weather elements. As a Decking Timber Specialist, I use premium grade pine for all our decks and fences, which has less knots making it more durable than merch. Choose from the wide 140mm board, or the 90mm board width.

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There are several types of hardwoods available: Our favourite is Kwila. Kwila stands out with its deep-red shade. Hardwood decking is durable and less vulnerable to dents and scratches than softwood. Hardwoods have an elegant finish, looking more like indoor flooring than an external timber, and as a Decking Timber Specialist can recommend this as it’s easier to maintain.


Environmentally friendly, made from recycled and sustainable materials, composite decking is a man-made substitute for hardwood timber products. It is more expensive than traditional timber but as a Decking Timber Specialist I can vouch that it will last longer and require less maintenance. Plus it’s more aesthetically pleasing with less or hidden joins.

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Plantation Bamboo x-treme and N-Durance decking are premium quality decking materials, and won't leach colour, warp or crack to the extent that most other decking materials will. It's very stable too - so won't expand or contract much, compared to others. 


Advantages of Plantation bamboo X-treme and N-Durance decking are:

  • the "invisible" stainless steel clip and screws provided and seamless tongue and groove end joins - making it much quicker, easier and cheaper to install

  • the strength and size of boards (with tongue- and groove end-matching) - means you can space the joists at 462mm and have less cutting and wastage = less costly to install

  • being bamboo, its an eco-friendly, sustainable decking option

  • bamboo x-treme and N-Durance decking is very hard, dense and durable solid bamboo product - made to last, with a 25 year warranty!

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